Friday, 9 March 2012

Original Source Mint and Walnut Super Scrub

A few month's back there was a buy-one-get-one free promotion in Sainsbury's on Original Source shower gels. I'm a huge fan of the brand, particularly the Lime and Lemon & Tea Tree shower gels - they're so citrusy and refreshing! They're also fairly inexpensive for a decent shower gel, normally they retail at £2 each. So I took the chance to buy some of the brand's products that I hadn't tried, in particular their body scrubs.

I ended up with the Mint & Walnut and Cranberry & Honey Super Scrub. I've already finished the latter a while back, and truth be told I was very disappointed. It smelt lovely but the consistency was appalling! As I poured in on to my hand it would just slide off. I tried to rectify this problem by pouring it directly to my skin but the same happened - it just slid off and fell on to the floor of the bath tub! Given the reddish colour of the product, it became akin to a scene out of a Hitchcock thriller. And even after all that mess, my skin didn't feel that it had been exfoliated well.

So unsurprisingly I was quite reluctant to try out the Mint & Walnut version. I predicted the same would happen.

The consistency is also not so good with this one. Whilst it's miles better than the Cranberry & Honey version owing to its thickness, I still find a good portion of it on the bottom of the bath tub. Additionally, I'm finding it very difficult to squeeze out! However it does have a saving grace - this is actually a decent scrub! My skin has been quite smooth since using this and application of my body lotion after showering has improved.

I think fans of Original Source's Mint & Tea Tree Shower Gel will quite like this because it's also very refreshing. After using this scrub, even the slightest movement makes my whole skin tingle, which would make a great treat on those hot and sticky summer days! It's not so great on the cold winter days (during which I mostly used it), where I would do anything to avoid that cold tingly sensation. Even a lifetimes supply of Polo mints won't be able to get you as "fresh" as this scrub can!

The packaging is nothing over-the-top, typical of Original Source's simplistic style - it's straight to the point. I'm a bit shocked that it says on the front that it contains "6,989 crushed walnut shell bits" in every bottle - that's seems a bit excessive, no? The bottle, like all of the other products by Original Source, is stamped with the Vegan logo. This seal of approval certifies that it's "animal free" by The Vegan Society's trademark standards.

Whilst the effects of the scrub are great (and perfect for summer), I don't think I'll really be buying it again simply because of all the mess it created and all the work I had to do to get it out of the bottle and into my hand. But if that kind of problem seems trivial to you, I'd definitely recommend it!

P.S. I've just checked Original Source's website. The Mint & Walnut scrub seems to be part of the permanent line, but I can't find a link for the Cranberry & Honey scrub. Guess it wasn't that popular!

[This is a review of a product that I purchased myself. I didn't receive this from the brand's PR. All views in this post are that of my own]

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