Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spot the difference?

I used to hear about it with others but I was never a victim of it myself. I just thought some people were being fussy. But now that I am on the receiving end, I'm not quite sure what to make of the situation...

[Figured it out yet?]

Here is one of my favourite haircare brands, Aussie. One product, two bottles. But one very defining difference. They've added Aloe Vera to the Mega Instant, Colour Mate, Aussome Volume and Miracle Moist shampoos and conditioners.

I'm currently using Mega Instant shampoo + Miracle Moist conditioner. These, plus Take the Heat, are my favourite ranges. I only recently opened the conditioner bottle and it's the new version containing Aloe Vera.

I know that aloe vera has beneficial properties but I really didn't like the texture of the conditioner. It looked more like a shampoo. Previously the Miracle Moist conditioner had a very light creamy texture, whereas now its a clearer gel like formula. The former felt much more moisturising compared to the latter.

Aussie are changing their product line up - for better or worse, I'm not sure yet. First they got rid of the Take The Heat hair serum (and replaced it with a cream version) and now they're changing actual product formula in four of their ranges.

Maybe I just need to endure an adjustment period. Since I don't really like to waste, I'll use up the newly changed versions and see how they work out. Who knows, I may end up preferring the new formula!

How about you? Have you ever continued to use a product after the formula/ingredients were changed? Did it make it better or worse? Leave your own experience in the comment box below!

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