What Is Plus One Beauty?

What is the purpose of Plus One Beauty?
Plus One Beauty is a blog that I created in March 2012 to discuss beauty products.The intention is just to share my experiences with beauty related products that I use or encounter in my life. Likewise I hope that other people with share their experiences and recommendations with me by commenting on my blog. This way we can open up a dialogue about the good, the bad and the ugly of all things related to the beauty industry!

Whilst the main focus is beauty products, it won't be limited to just that. Now and then there might be features on accessories and healthy living and eating - beauty is not just what's on the outside!

Ultimately I'll share with you, the reader, what I think might be useful or of an interest to you!

Who Is "Plus One"?
Plus One (actually noted as +1) is a nickname that was given to me in my early teens and has basically stuck with me ever since!

Anyone can be a plus one, and that's the audience of my blog - anyone!

Does Plus One Beauty do paid reviews?
At the moment I am not doing paid reviews. Unless stated otherwise, all products review are purchased by myself or given to me by a friend (not affialiated with beauty brand PR). I will however review products that have been sent for consideration but ultimately the review will be that of my opinion - and mine alone.

How can I contact Plus One?
Plus One is on twitter! Here you'll find all my updates for my blog. If you want to contact me privately you can just Direct Message me on Twitter!

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