Thursday, 19 July 2012

L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Polish (207 Babydoll)

In my previous post I mentioned that I picked up three L'Oreal nail polishes and found there to be considerable differences between the three. Whilst the previous one was disappointing, this one performed miles better.

Babydoll is a lovely pale pink with a strong oyster/pearl finish. For this one I went for about 3 coats. With Rose Paradis I commented on the poor, uneven application. Babydoll definitely yields a more even application that's for sure. The only serious issue I had with the formula for this one is that it can appear a bit streaky (i.e. the lines of the brush show up a little) but this can be very common with metallic shades like this as it causes the brush strokes to show up more. I didn't find it so obvious so it actually didn't bother me as much.

Again, my complaint with the L'Oreal Color Riche nail polishes is their pricing point. They work out at £9.98 per 10ml which really puts it in league with brand like Nails Inc and Ciaté as opposed to its other drugstore rivals. Naturally, I'm then inclined to compare it to such brands and as such the formula isn't as great. Sure the drying time is pretty quick but for that price I would prefer a more opaque finish in a single coat.

Initially I wasn't such a fan of the shade, it looked a bit too pale on me but I received a lot of compliments on it. It's a very femine/girly shade - not so neutral as Rose Paradis - therefore it might go against certain styles of makeup/clothes. However I feel it's a shade you either love or hate.

Monday, 16 July 2012

L'Oréal Color Riche Nail Polish (201 Rose Paradis)

A few weeks ago I bought three L'Oreal nail polishes whilst there was a 3 for 2 promo at Superdrug. I held up on the reviews until I had tested all three and could genuinely compare.

I gotta say that the differences between the three shades is crazy. And this one was probably worst.

If you're into really sheer shades I would not recommend this shade based on the poor application. It's very uneven in each coat. Even after 4 coats I still can spot patches where the formula did not apply evenly. It's a shame really because the shade itself is actually very flattering. Normally I'm very wary of pastel colours because of how they sit against my skin tone but this one is actually looks very natural against my skin tone.

201 Rose Paradis (please excuse the cut on the polish of the ring finger, I got quite careless with some scissors!)

The only real bonus is the design of the bottles. It's actually quite efficient because the brush pretty much goes all the way down the the bottom. And because they only contain 5ml, the bottles are very slender which again adds to the efficiency (and makes storing it a lot easier). The brush is the 1-stroke fan type that spreads out to cover the nail when you apply it, supposedly for an even single application (which, with this formula, I didn't get).

If the pricing was cheaper I don't think I'd be so annoyed but the simple fact is that they're priced at £4.99 (£9.98 per 10ml) here in the UK. Bear in mind that Nails Inc usually retails for £11 per 10ml. For almost £1 difference, there is a massive discrepancy in quality between the two. The fact that I needed 4 coats to even get it semi-opaque is quite laughable. With Nails Inc you'll usually get it opaque in 1-2 coats.

I really did want to love Rose Paradis, especially as this is a universally gorgeous shade that would suit almost anything. It's just a shame that it was let down by the poor application.
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